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Sunday ~ Italian Pranzo
Sunday in Italy is a day dedicated to food, family and friends. It is a day when businesses are closed and the focus is on Sunday lunch-il pranzo.
"Il Pranzo", is really the Sunday dinner for the Italians. It is much more than a quick bite;  this multi-course meal begins with some appetizers, olives and marinated vegetables, followed by pasta, meat or seafood, and ends with dessert. It is a weekly event experienced at a slow pace and concentrates on reconnecting with the loved ones in our lives.
This tradition still continues in Italy !
Family and friends that wish to have "Il Pranzo" experience simply need to come to Core de Roma in West Chester on Sunday between 12:00 - 3:30PM and for $29 per person they will be treated to the multi course
                                             Italian Pranzo!
Tuesday ~ Braciola and whole Fish Night
The dinner includes 2 beef Braciolas or whole Branzino served with spaghetti or potatoes and vegetables. As well as a mixed or Caesar salad . The braciola's dinner is $ 22 and the whole Branzino $ 26.
Wendsday ~ Trippa Night
This is for Trippa's Lovers!
The dinner includes Trippa alla Romana for $16.  As well a mixed or Caesar salad. 
Thursday ~ Gnocchi
This is for Gnocchi's lovers!
In Rome we say "Giovedi' Gnocchi" . It means that Thursday is the gnocchi night for the Romans. The dinner includes a mixed of three recipes of home made in house gnocchi for $18.  As well a mixed or Caesar salad.